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Ourchive is a new software package that aims to democratize hosting fanworks on the internet.

Modern features, old-school ethos

With Ourchive, you can create an account, upload works, create bookmarks and collections of bookmarks, and comment on others’ works, bookmarks, and collections.

Ourchive aims to continue a tradition that archives like eFiction started. When you install Ourchive, you get flexible metadata like tags, the ability to upload images and audio, and the ability to administer users, all within an easily installed Django website.

Want to know more? You can check out our roadmap or FAQ.

Let me innnn (demo)

Ourchive is currently in closed beta stage. You can access the beta site at ourchive.io.

If you are interested in helping test, you can subscribe to our mailing list, where we’ll send out calls for more testers.

Get Involved

Prior to release of MVP, our attention is focused on collecting feedback from our closed beta testers. We encourage you to check out our documentation; if you’re interested in helping test or build, feel free to ping us on Mastodon.